South Park - Parks Police Cars Parked by Cricket Nets

This has been sent to us by our friends from FoSP:

Dear Friends,
We hope that you are all well and coping as best as can be through this crisis. I re-iterate that if you need help please do e-mail us if it is something we can aid you with. 7th April: Parks Police Private Cars Parked by Cricket Nets The Parks Police are driving to work so as to avoid using Public Transport. They would normally park their cars in the Bagleys Lane Depot but this is being used, as of tomorrow, for the Coronavirus cause. Therefore there will be 4 unmarked cars being parked on the hard standing (next to the cricket nets) in South Park each day going forward. Many thanks to everyone who is respecting the social distancing rules when in South Park, it is super important to keep this up.
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