PRARA Newsletter #70 (March 2022)

Updated: Mar 20

In this edition you'll find:

  1. Congestion and pollution reduction scheme (TCPR) in South Fulham

  2. Hurlingham Club, potential two way vehicular access via the rear east gate

  3. Timetable update for the Tideway tunnel works at Carnwath Road

  4. LBHF ward boundary changes 2022

  5. Sands End Arts & Community Centre

  6. Jack’s bar loses alcohol license

  7. Neighbourhood Watch

  8. ‘Parsons Green – The Irregular Triangle’

  9. Albert & Swedish Wharf development, London SW6 2TY

  10. 12-14 Peterborough Road SW6 3BN – redevelopment

  11. Peterborough Road rising bollard update

  12. Castle Club redevelopment on Daisy Lane

  13. Polo in the Park - June 2022

  14. Community Fibre broadband

  15. Retirement of the PRARA co-ordinator

  16. Lance Pierson

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