Neighbourhood Watch Alert

Dear Neighbourhood Watch Member,

Our next door neighbour's house was broken into last night at 2.30 am. The burglars jemmied up the front window to gain entry and stole identity items such as a passport and credit cards. Laptops and cash were not touched.

This is a very similar to a break in that happened quite recently to friends of ours in Foskett Road. Their front window was jemmied up, despite also having a central catch and screw in bolts to stop the window opening more than 6 inches. The intruders turned out their filing cabinet with personal documents, which were apparently photographed.

This is another warning to make sure your front windows are secure. During lockdown burglars are unlikely to be disturbed by neighbours returning from a late night out! If you have a night alarm it would be sensible to switch this on each night when you go to bed and make sure you have very robust window locks.

Keep safe and watch out for your neighbour.


Jeremy Gilkes

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator


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