Assistance for the self-isolated

Dear members, In case you or your neighbours are having any difficulty or concerns about leaving home to buy food, magazines, books or other supplies, we thought it could be useful to let you know that there are friendly local businesses and charities ready to help (and you'll be helping them to stay in business as well) TDNews - Newspaper Home Delivery Service TDnews was founded by Fulham people with a kiosk on Parson's Green. It is now solely a delivery specialist operating during the night to make early morning deliveries. TDnews (Tony and Diane) can be contacted by phone on  0800 0439780 or by email at enquiries@tdnews.co.uk At least two PRARA members have used the service for many years and found it to be very reliable. Nomad Books Fulham residents in isolation can contact Nomad for reads to keep you sane. You can call (020 7736 4000) or email (info@nomadbooks.co.uk) and they will post or locally hand-deliver a book for you. Nomad offers books for all ages and subjects, even in French. If they don't have a book in store they can usually order it fast, often for lunchtime next day. Food delivery While online supermarkets are overwhelmed by surge in demand, many wholesalers that used to cater for establishments and restaurants have now switched to home delivery. They usually offer set boxes for a fixed price with next day delivery. Some PRARA member personally recommend Smith and Brock: http://www.smithandbrock.com Tel: 020 3624 4242. New Covent Garden Market also has eight firms currently doing delivery for London postcodes. More details at https://www.newcoventgardenmarket.com/blog/home-deliveries-of-fresh-fruit-and-vegetables-from-new-covent-garden-market Fulham Community Care - door-door delivery service Fulham Community Care, based in St Ethelreda's Church in Fulham Palace Road, is running a safe door-door delivery service with the help of volunteers. Please call 020 7736 3809 for more information. Stay safe!


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